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Dianne Eno/Fusion Danceworks

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    Native New Hampshire dance artist Dianne Eno began dance training at age three, developing at the same time a strong bond and affinity for all of nature and dancing in natural outdoor places.  She studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music, graduating from the University of Massachusetts while pursuing a specialized degree in Choreography and Dance Production under the guidance of Rosalind DeMille (the 5-College Dance Dept./Smith College).  Professional training includes Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and School (Becket, Jenn Walker (Far R) performs in Terpsicorps (1991)MA) and most recently Dance Theater Workshop in NYC, where Ms. Eno was selected as a participant in Bessie Schoenberg’s celebrated Choreographer’s Lab. She recently received her Masters degree at New York University's (New York, NY) Steinhardt School in the field of Environmental Conservation Education, and is attending the Doctoral program (PhD) in Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England in Keene, NH. Her goal is to pioneer a college dance program in Environmental Dance.

    Ms. Eno is the founder and artistic director of Dianne Eno/Fusion Danceworks (formerly known as Dianne EnoDances for Sugar River (1997) Dance Company, and prior to that Monadnock Dance Ensemble), which performs in and around New England and NYC, presenting original nature and Native American-inspired Modern dance works. Children’s Terpsicorps was added in 1991, incorporating children into her professionally staged productions, including Earth Day concerts and local “tours” in NH-area schools as part of Ms. Eno’s residency programming. She has designed and implemented Dance in the Classroom—A Curriculum Pilot Project (Symonds School, Keene,N.H.) made possible in part by  the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts  “Arts in Education” grant.

Dancing on Rockaway Beach (1998)    Dianne has appeared internationally, as well, in the 1998 England Tour of the original Native-American-inspired theater piece, “A Circle ‘Round the Sun”; she served as principal collaborator, choreographer, performer and Native American researcher and sign language interpreter in conjunction with the Plymouth State College Chamber Singers and Plymouth State College Education Department.

    Often staging her dances in unlikely places in the out-of-doors, she and her company has performed her innovative brand of nature-inspired contemporary dance on mountain summits, inEco-Fest performance in 1998 rivers and streams, in forests and along the rugged and rocky coastline of Maine.  In 1998 & 1999, Ms. Eno was Artist-in-Residence at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Ms. Eno and company performed at various “wild” sites throughout the park, including an original sunrise ceremonial piece at the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Additionally, as part of her residency, she designed a curriculum plan to implement dance and movement into the Park’s affiliated AMC children’s camp as a unique way for leaders and educators to give campers art experiences in nature.

    Ms. Eno’s company is best known for the MOUNT MONADNOCK CELEBRATION OF DANCE, an annual summer performance at the summit of “the world’s most climbed mountain” in Jaffrey, N.H. The Celebration is now entering its 20th season, with thousands of people having attended the event, as noted in Yankee Magazine and The Boston Globe. 


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