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Dianne Eno/Fusion Danceworks

PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE            Hollis Littlecreek             Bessie Schoenberg

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Hollis at Cheshire Fairgrounds in 1998            








            Hollis Littlecreek


Bessie Schoenberg

Bessie Schoenberg was an original member of Martha Graham's company. She was also a permanent member of the Bennington School of Dance throughout its existence in the 1930s. Ms. Schoenberg went on to become one of the most renowned dance educators of modern times. In her 90s, Bessie was still active as Professor Emeritus of Dance at Sarah Lawrence College, where she had served as Director of Dance for over three decades. In 1980, Dance Theatre Workshop in NYC renamed its performing space in her honor, and the New York Dance Awards have been officially dubbed "The Bessies". Dianne Eno had the great fortune to learn from Bessie at various venues including Keene State College, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival & School, and at Bessie's acclaimed Choreographers Workshop at Dance Theatre Workshop.





            Bessie Schoenberg







                Alta Lu Townes


Will LaPage-University of Maine professor

Will La Page is an international parks consultant, having worked in South Africa, Bulgaria, Jamaica, and El Salvador.  A former professor at the Universities of Maine, Wyoming, Colorado State, and New Hampshire, Will served as director of New Hampshire's state parks and historic sites from 1984 to 1994, and as a member of President Reagan's Commission on Americans Outdoors.  He has written extensively in the fields of park policy and ethics, nature as inspiration, and nature interpretation.



 Dianne Eno has briliantly extended the creative inspiration of Monadnock that so powerfully influenced other artists and writers over the past two centuries.  That kind of reverence for the mountain does more to preserve it than would an army of park rangers."       Will La Page, former Director of New Hampshire State Parks.          

Conversation with a Mountain (A Poem by Will LaPage)

                Will LaPage


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